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How to use cybersecurity and blockchain technology in an innovative organization?

  • Rödl & Partner office, Stockholm 95A Drottninggatan Stockholm, Stockholms län, 113 60 Sweden (map)

Rödl & Partner in partnership with Leocode is pleased to invite you you to a unique law & tech business morning seminar in Stockholm. During the meetup we’ll be sharing the most interesting stories from the cybersecurity, usability and blockchain areas.

Take part in the discussion on the current challenges we’re facing in the ever changing world of innovative business. Hear our experiences and conclusions regarding contracts, information safety, incidents/bugs in organizations and advantages & disadvantages of blockchain technology in practice.

Let’s meet and talk about cybersecurity & blockchain from the law-tech perspective.


01: Introduction to the Blockchain technology:

  • Blockchain vs bitcoin - what’s the main difference

  • Advantages and disadvantages of blockchain

  • Case studies of applying blockchain and outcomes

02: To blockchain or not to blockchain?

  • Blockchain and privacy - technical aspects

  • Scalability and efficiency

  • Will blockchain help my business scale and grow or not - how to identify if this is the right solution for my company?

03: Information Security in 360° view

  • 4 base aspects of keeping information safe

  • Regulations, rules & best pracices to obey

  • Helicopter view on our security

  • Audits, pentests, reverse & social engineering

  • Incidents & bugs – how to avoid them?

04: Blockchain: combining law & security

  • Smart Contracts – do lawyers have to learn programming?

  • Legal aspects of durable medium

  • Distinguishing between copies and originals

  • What can and cannot be done with current architecture?

  • Does the consensus algorithm have a significant impact on security?


Jarek Kaminski_portrait.jpg

Jarosław Kamiński

Associate Partner at Rödl Kancelaria Prawna. He graduated from the Faculty of Law and Administration and attended the College of Foreign Languages at the University of Adam Mickiewicz in Poznan. Scholarship holder at the University of Rennes 1 (France). Specialist in merger, commercial and corporate law, real estate law, contract law and intellectual property law (including in the field of personal data protection). For years, it has served clients in capital and investment transactions, representing both investors and startups. From 2014, a member of the Bar Association in Warsaw. With Rödl & Partner associated since 2014. He speaks English and French. Lead auditor of ISO 27001 and internal auditor ISO 9001. Author of numerous publications.


Adam Filipowski

For over 10 years, he has been building technology companies in Poland and around the world. Instead of predicting the future, she tries to have a real impact on her. CEO of the LEOCODE software house. Currently, together with the Advisero team, he creates advanced technological solutions for business. He has experience in blockchain technology, which he came across several years ago. Since then, he has carried out several projects with his development team and stopped many projects at the planning stage justifying the uselessness of the blockchain in a specific case.


Adam Wódz

Over 25 years of experience in the security of data, applications and IT systems (starting from 8-bit computers). Certifications: CISSP, QSA, ASV, ISO-27001 Lead Auditor, ISO-9001 Auditor. Performed projects for companies such as IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Sun, Nokia. One of the first employees of the Polish branch of Symantec, i.a. Manager of CRT Team (international team responsible for security patches and updates for 14 countries) (2003-2010). The creator and manager of the Security Services department at Cybercom Poland (2012-2019). A member of Synergize's management board, Director of IT Security Services (2010-2012). Member of the ISSA Poland management board (2011-2013). Director of the e-Banking Customer Security group operating under the FTB at the Association of Polish Banks (2013-2015). Speaker at many industry conferences, including European Economic Congress in Katowice (2018), author of many articles and specialist publications. Initiator and manager of business cooperation with the IT department of the University of Warsaw in the field of R & D of modern technological solutions. The creator of the RODO / GDPR certification audit project.


Bazyli Zygan

Architect of information systems with over twenty years of experience. A specialist in embedded solutions. A lover of non-linear cryptography and distributed solutions. Technological advisor for Blockchain-based solutions. Pragmatist trying to adapt technologies to needs, not needs for technology.

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